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3/25/2015 Posted by CaroleC at Demandforce

Hygienist is awesome, but front desk staff is unprofessional & difficult to deal with

3/23/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

I assumed 10 was most likely to recommend.

3/21/2015 Posted by LisaJ at Demandforce

I did not appreciate the hygienist's attitude at the end of the visit after a cavity was discovered. She seemed happy to throw it in my face that it is because I do not floss. Frankly, I know I should floss, but I really do not need your…

3/12/2015 Posted by AdinaC at Demandforce

Great service, professional staff, higly recommending this dental office. I really appreciate the gentle cleaning service performed by their hygienist. For a person who has a very high sensitivity, this visit was pain-free!

3/10/2015 Posted by DonaldS at Demandforce

This dental office cares by reminding it's patients of appointments, and ready to perform it's procedures when I arrive. They perform every procedure with care and professional ability. I would recommend this dental office to any of my…

2/27/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

The customer service was great. They were efficient and knowledgeable.

2/25/2015 Posted by AaronL at Demandforce

I've been a patient for about a decade and now take my small children to see him, love him and the staff!

2/25/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

Very good service

2/19/2015 Posted by IvanB at Demandforce

Dr. Rusznak does a very good job

2/5/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

High level skilled professional doctor, using top notch technology, no tolerance on quality, never compromise on quality!

2/4/2015 Posted by Adrian JrR at Demandforce

Dr Rusznak is a very good dentist, knowledgeable and fun.

2/3/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

Everyone was very kind, and I did not have to wait long before going back for my cleaning.

1/30/2015 Posted by PeterH at Demandforce

Dr. Rusznak has, over the years, rebuilt all my teeth from prior substandard military care. His work is exceptional, long lasting, and comparatively painless. I travel over 100 miles presently to continue to use him for my care. When…

1/26/2015 Posted by SlaveyK at Demandforce

I am really happy with the service

1/26/2015 Posted by BoykaK at Demandforce

I am completely satisfied with the service provided. Good work, good customer service, high standards.

1/13/2015 Posted by NajiaHussainD at Demandforce

I've been going to Ashburn Dentistry for over 10 years now and would recommend all my friends. Dr. Ruzsnak is great, fair, and up to date with all the latest medical technologies. Thank you for keeping my mouth healthy and my smile…

1/9/2015 Posted by RobertR at Demandforce

Great Doc - Personable and Professional. Thanks

1/8/2015 Posted by Anonymous at Demandforce

The wait time was a little bit higher than I expected but thank us that were magazines. Also Kelly Jo is the most helpful and wonderful person in that office according to me, having been there more than once!

1/7/2015 Posted by StefanM at Demandforce

Appreciate the promptness in handling my concerns and the follow up as soon as I called the office.

1/6/2015 Posted by GlennA at Demandforce

Dr. Rusznak was able to see me on short notice and prescribe antibiotics for my abscessed tooth. Afterwards he was able to extract the tooth without pain and get my on my way to getting an implant. Dr. Rusznak has been our dentist for over…

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